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Matters need attention

About Battery

There are some safe accidents occurred by battery occasionally so that need to ensure that battery is safety used.On one hand,the most important one is that buy original battery in rightful ways. On the other hand, Please read the manual carefully before using it in order to ensure proper use of the battery.

we emphasized that we are not responsible for any
battery accidents due to the improper use or counterfeit battery!

Battery may explode or catch fire if mistreated.

Do not heat above 100℃ or 212℉

Do not use the battery if its wrapper is damaged.

Do not disassemble,puncture,cut, crush,short circuit,incinerate or expose to water,fire.

Do not use the battery above its constant amp limit.

Do not place loose batteries in a pocket,purse,or other receptacle containing metal objects.

keep batteries in case when not in use.

Keep away from children.

Do not leave batteries in your car.

* Always read the battery safety warnings before using.

* Do not place battery in a device with the (+) and (-) in the wrong way around.

* Store the battery in a cool,dry and well-ventilated area

* When charging the battery, use dedicated chargers and follow the specified conditions.

* Stop using the battery if abnormal heat, odor, discoloration, deformation or abnormal condition is detected.