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High capacity,High discharge,High cycle,Low resistance.

Show-type, CDC indicated

Clearly display you the limit of continuous discharge current and give you correct guidance.

Best quality with CE,ROHS, solid and safe.



MXJO 18350 700mAh Rechargeable Battery (10.5A CDC)

⊙ Model : 18350

⊙ Capacity : 700mAh

⊙ Nominal Voltage : 3.7V

⊙ Standard Charge : CC/CV 0.5A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V

⊙ Max Continuous Discharge Current : 10.5A

⊙ Max Pulse Discharge Current : 14A

⊙ Dimensions : 35.5×18.5mm (±0.05)mm

⊙ Storage Temperature : -5 ~ 35 ℃

⊙ Operating Temperature Charge : 0 ~ 50 ℃

⊙ Discharge : -10 ~ 60 ℃

⊙ Cycle Life : 300 cycles

⊙ Weight : 28g

Double layers protected

More durable and safety.

original details

Authentication Label

There is an authentication label on each battery.

Locate the authentication label and scratch off its coating to obtain the 12-digit security code.

Check it >


"MXJO" is marked on the top
of each battery.

Anti-counterfeiting Mark

Anti-counterfeiting mark is printed
on each battery .



battery safety

Battery may explode or catch fire if mistreated.

Do not heat above 100℃ or 212℉

Do not use the battery if its wrapper is damaged.

Do not disassemble,puncture,cut, crush,short circuit,incinerate or expose to water,fire.

Do not use the battery above its constant amp limit.

Do not place loose batteries in a pocket,purse,or other receptacle containing metal objects.

keep batteries in case when not in use.

Keep away from children.