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MXJO Product Authentication

Please enter your security code to see whether you bought original MXJO product or not.
How do I obtain the security code?
Locate the authentication label and scratch off its coating to obtain the security code.
EG: 301520086857 or 7591936342404627
* Please note that your product may not be original if there is no label or the label is different.
Security code
5280 7305 1725
Mxjo remind you: you verify the security does not exist, please carefully check and verify again, beware of counterfeiting!
* If the new product you purchased is unable to pass the authentication,
  please return them to the retailer immediately.

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The Authentication Label

18650 3500 TYPE-1

18650 3000 TYPE-2

18650 Grey,TYPE-1,TYPE-2

26650 ,18500,18350