How to distinguish Authentic mxjo battery ?

Due to there are many fake batteries in the market at present, in order to protect customers' rights, interest and vapes safety,  please browse carefully for the following that how to distinguish genuine mxjo batteries.

As the attached picture, the label and package shows query anti-counterfeiting code in a fake site.Please note that we never authorized anyone and any company as our agency in China (mainland China , HongKong, Taiwan and Macao), we also do not have a website domain at "".

Our MXJO offcial website : ( , Alibaba : , Online store :
All of original MXJO batteries can be check at In addition, our website has launched a mobile query anti-counterfeiting function

According to the report from our customer,some people use inferior quality and cheap battery cell to cook falsification, lower battery capacity or small ampere current batteries as well as B grade batteries cells, there are serious security risks in these battery cell.

In here, we suggest you can apply for a refund to protect your rights and interests if you got it,we have always emphasized that we are not responsible for any dangerous counterfeit batteries.

Thanks for you support to MXJO,we will intensify efforts to combat fraud criminals.

Best regards,
MXJO team.