MXJO Information Statement .

Dear consumers

Recently some illegal businessmen always falsed declaration that their batteries from original factory.They produced inferior batteries ,then take wicked resort to sale illegally and disturb market such as saling them in name of MXJO ,registering similar website and email. Therefore MXJO solemnly promises as follows.

1.MXJO batteries are only sold by MXJO company. We never authorized anyone and any company as our agency in China (mainland China , HongKong, Taiwan and Macao)

2.MXJO official websites:,,

3.MXJO official email suffix: &

4.Some personal or company pretend us to propagandize in the current market. Hereby, we remind customers that pay attention to protect your personal lawful rights and interests,please look for the MXJO original batteries to avoid unnecessary lose.

We must emphasize here that there is no responsibility for the fake batteries bought from illegal pedlars.

5.All MXJO batteries have put on anti-counterfeit label only check it in our

If you found someone to sale fake MXJO batteries or confirm batteries whether real or fake, please email to We will reply you within 24 hours