New arrivel MXJO CC1

CC1 is the first intelligent LCD charger developed by MXJO . The EGO charging function is unique. Its three independent charging slots are controlled separately and its Max charging current is 1.5A , which makes CC1 charge batteries intelligently and fast.CC1 can work with different battery types such as IMR/ Li-ion ,NiMH or NiCd batteries. The LCD screen can real-time display batteries charging status-their charging progress, voltages, currents, time and ego charging status.

The powerful IC of CC1 can protect the batteries against over charge, short circuit and polarity-reversal issues. As made from heat-resisting material and having excellent heat dispersion , all of CC1’s features make it be a high-quality, safer and the most reliable battery charger.

If you need a multi-slot, safe, high-speed and intelligent battery charger which has EGO charging functions,CC1 is your best choice.

MXJO CC1 charger has accepted reservation now , and MXJO new batteries are coming,looking forward to your experience.